Welcome to Ameno Stonemasons

At Ameno Stonemasons we use traditional methods and materials to repair or replace sandstone retaining any original detail it may have.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we receive the very best natural and pre-cast stone where original stone may need replaced. Where possible we will use reclaimed stone to match in with the original stone in boundary walls or gable ends. This can also be used to form new walls which is a great way to give the impression the wall is older than it really is.

Lithomex stone repairs are a speciality of ours. This is a lime based product that we use to re-surface original stone. It’s ideal for areas where there is cosmetic damage and avoids the need to replace the original stone. Lithomex does not contain any cement and therefore allows the natural stone to breathe, ensuring moisture is not retained avoiding further damage. In the right hands it can be used to look just like natural stone.

Where pointing is required we use hydraulic lime mortar, this is the best material to use in the restoration of an old building and a great way to bring a tired natural stone or brick wall back to life. Hydraulic lime is porous, flexible and allows the building fabric to move and breathe.

Sandstone, pre-cast and reclaimed stone supplied and fitted.

Some of the work we carry out includes:

Sandstone, pre-cast and reclaimed stone supplied and fitted.
Chimney rebuilds
Lime pointing
Lithomex stone restoration
Stone dressing
Boundary walls repointed, rebuilt or newly formed
Stone step restoration

We have built up a wealth of experience in our trade and enjoy what we do (even when standing on a scaffold in the middle of winter!…)

Meet the Team

Ameno stonemasons consists of:

Giuseppe Ameno

Giuseppe Ameno


Giuseppe (better known as Pino) is a well-known face in the Edinburgh construction industry and has served in it for the last 40 years.

Pino started work as a Stonemason in the early 70’s as an apprentice at Allan’s (formally of Piershill). His time as a Stonemason has taken him all over Scotland working on a variety of different projects, from granite cladding in Aberdeen to restoring the Scott Monument in Edinburgh and Law Castle in West Kilbride (to name but a few). Over the last 20 years he has been a regular feature in the Dudley’s in New Haven having worked on well over 40 of the houses there – this is testament to his good reputation and hard work.

Michael Ameno

Michael Ameno


Michael started out in the industry in 1992 as an apprentice at The Stone Company (formally of Loanhead Midlothian) and attended Edinburgh‘s Telford College. In the mid 1990’s he went onto work with his father and this is where he has gained most of his experience.

During his time as a Stonemason he has worked all over Scotland on a variety of different natural stone restoration and stone replacement projects, including Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh University’s Old College. In 2004 he moved to the Gold Coast, Australia where he worked on prestige homes building rock walls, installing natural stone pool copings/surrounds, marble and granite worktops and cladding. Michael moved back to Scotland in 2009 where he has been working in the family business with his Dad, Pino.